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Why do some eat and others not? Can we do something so that everyone can eat? For any change to happen? How campaigns, mobilizations, actions start? 


Knowing more about my food makes me have better choices, but what can we do so more people can choose better? 


The flour that will make this broth thicken is the collective e that's why we bring a experience of people who know how, creatively and disruptively, to engage e_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5_3cc58d_mobilize 136bad5cf58d_fairer and more powerful ways of transformation - in our relationship with the world, between us and other people, between us and ourselves. 


Adriana Salay

Adriana Salay has been a historian and researcher on eating habits for 9 years. She is currently developing a doctorate in Social History at USP on hunger in Brazil and is a professor of graduate courses in gastronomy. Coordinated the Quebrada Alimentada project and was one of the articulators of the Gente é pra Shine, not to starve to death campaign.

aline_credito_Curso Yam de Sustentabilid

Aline Matuja

Aline Matulja is a sanitary and environmental engineer and a Master in Public Health. In ten years of career, through the initiatives Wheel e healthy  has already supported communities, companies and city halls in sustainability projects with an emphasis on sanitation, access to water, composting and recycling. Currently supports the initiative make the fair, an activist platform for e-commerce for small producers and is a professor of the Sustainability: Deep Ecology in Practice course on the platform Yam. For three years, he has been producing digital content about sustainability on his profile @alinematulja on Instagram.

Photo credit: Yam Sustainability Course. 


Mariana Campos

Mariana Campos is a journalist at Greenpeace Brasil in Brasília, working in the communication and engagement of Public Policy and Agriculture & Food campaigns. She is a vegan and activist for healthy, poison-free, fair and accessible food for all people.  

Day24th of November from 2020at11 am




do different and engage for food.

People who leave their hives and take whole swarms together, POLLINATORS by essence and agitators by conviction that we do nothing alone. 


Do it differently and engage for food. 

Âncora Webinar 2
Marca Poliniza - BrancoTransparente.png

[ giving toreal food

the focus it deserves]

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Food of Tomorrow Institute - Polliniza 2020

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