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What do I know about what's in my food?

Is this good for your health? Is gluten bad? Egg can or can't? And the milk? Is vegetable protein enough? Are diet cookies good for me? And soda is all that? 

Information is the first ingredient to change the reality of the food we consume. To know is to unravel and the more we know, the closer we will be to transformation.


But food is full of taboos, false truths, half-information. How can we know more clearly what is in each food so we can make better choices? Information is a right, but not guaranteed. 

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Ailin Aleixo

One of the most respected multi-platform food critics and journalists in the country. In 2009, he created Gastrolândia, a website that quickly became a reference on gastronomy in Brazil. Renamed as Vai Se Food in 2020, it approaches food from the most varied perspectives, covering gastronomic tourism, investigative reports and restaurant criticism. . With the #ptdk series, unravel the backstage of food cultivation.

In 2019, she took her know-how to television: she became a judge on the Brazilian version of the reality show TOP CHEF, on Record TV. In February 2020, expanding the reach of his work, he launched the Vai Se Food Podcast. Relaxed and informative, it counts with the presence of chefs, specialists and scientists in search of the same objective: to strengthen our connection with food.

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João Peres

A journalist, he is one of the creators of O Joio e O Trigo, the only journalism project in Brazil dedicated exclusively to investigations on diet and chronic diseases. This year, with Victor Matioli, he launched the book Owners of the market. How big supermarkets exploit workers, suppliers and society. He is the author of Corumbiara, caso buried (Elefante, 2015), the only book-report on the 1995 massacre in Rondônia, a finalist for the Jabuti Prize, and co-author of Roucos e suffocados: the cigarette industry is alive, and killing (Elefante, 2017). He was editor and reporter for Rede Brasil Atual between April 2009 and November 2014, after stints on Jovem Pan AM and BandNews FM radio stations.   

DayNovember 23 from 2020at11 am


Let's talkwho are you fighting for?bring the truth of food out into the open, putting the cards on the table so thatthe game is fair to all. 


What do I know about what's in my food?

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