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Where do we learn about food? What is the role of audiovisual and mass communication? What recipes are passed on every day to millions of people? In soap operas, social networks, children's programs, food contests, journalism, what truths do screens tell us? Can food be more than entertainment? 

The screen, the audiovisual, have an undeniable power and reach. Millions of people, in different territories, have the small screen on every day and feed on the information that comes through it. 

What is the responsibility of this medium to bring the narrative of real, healthy food to everyone, with social and environmental justice? And what are the challenges and opportunities of pulling this look at different formats and audiences?

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Erica Araium

Érica Araium (@araium) is a journalist, with specializations in literary journalism, marketing management and communication management with the market. He has been working in the gastronomic sector since 2009. Since 2015, he has been dedicated to the Edible Dialogues project. She is a researcher of the relationship between news production and food consumption.

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Gabriela Kapim

He has been working with children since 1999 teaching capoeira, in 2003 he graduated in nutrition from Universidade Santa Úrsula, in Rio de Janeiro. In 2013, she debuted as a presenter on GNT, and had 3 programs: Socorro! My Son Eats Bad, Kapim's Colorful Kitchen and Socorro! My Parents Eat Bad, totaling 11 seasons on the air.

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Tati Lund

Vegan chef, nutritionist, conscious entrepreneur and sustainability activist. He has been at the head of the philosophical restaurant .Org since 2011 and continues to walk his path communicating the food chain from seed to plate. Always valuing real food and the small local farmer. Through its “Comida.Org” and “Present for the Future” program, it brings concepts such as conscious eating, attentive consumption and circular economy in an accessible and light way.

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powerful tools to engage, see and transform. 

Let's chat with those who are on the small screen, opening up spaces of connection and the truth of food - and putting this subject on the table of so many of us. 

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Powerful tools to engage, make you see and transform.

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