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A non-profit, institutionally independent and non-partisan think tank that supports the transition to healthy and sustainable, inclusive and empowering, biodiverse and culturally integrated food systems.

Eating is probably the most intimate decision with the greatest overall impact.


What we eat says a lot about the world we do want, but also about the world we do have.

our approach

From a systemic view of food, and with a broad network of partners, we act with an interdisciplinary and intersectoral approach to raise awareness and impact individuals, institutions and decision makers, with two specific and interdependent goals


produzimos, adaptamos e comunicamos conteúdos e pesquisas, de forma interdisciplinar e criativa.


organizamos e facilitamos encontros, eventos e oportunidades de debate intersetorial.


desenhamos territórios férteis de reflexão e proposição promovendo o debate colaborativo na busca por soluções.

promover uma mudança de comportamento e entendimento sobre a comida e seus impactos;

advogar por políticas públicas centradas no direito à alimentação adequada


why a food focused think tank ?

The contemporary food system is both the cause and consequence of today's major challenges. Placing food at the center of the debate in critical, collaborative, creative and communicative ways allows for a current, high-impact look at systemic transformation - what we eat changes the world, and this is our biggest challenge and at the same time our greatest opportunity.

global sindemics

Obesity, malnutrition and climate change are growing interconnected and with consequences at various scales and in all territories.

relevance and contemporaneity


increasing environmental awareness + sense of urgency: Global and crescent interest in food-related content and innovation, and on how to achieve healthy diets within sustainable systems.

transversality and intersectoriality


of the food system impacts (social, cultural and environmental flows) - all inseparable and challenging.

commitment to the global agenda


The food system has impacts in all the 17 sustainable development goals and in the global environmental agenda

political and institutional inertia


in solving the problems arising from the food system.


Focus on three strategic, interconnected areas that serve to organize the most pressing food system challenges:


cidades resilientes e com alimentos saudáveis, justos, e acessíveis a todos.


valorização da biodiversidade, da diversidade alimentar e com menor impacto climático.


valorização e reconhecimento do elo entre práticas culturais e alimentos, saberes e sabores.


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There are currently no open opportunities to work at Comida do Amanhã.


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