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We know it is difficult to stay informed and often the information we need isn't gathered in one place. The situation is more complicated when we involve a topic as complex as food systems in play.

With that in mind, Comida do Amanhã and Instituto Fome Zero (Zero Hunger Institute) created Café Coado - "Filtered Coffee", our weekly clipping on food systems.

It works like this: throughout each week we will filter the main news about food systems, so that during your weekend, during a coffee break, you can stay abreast of what is happening - not only in Brazil, but in the world as well.  

We have organized the news into five sections: Hunger, Food and Weather, Food and Cities, Food and Culture and International. Include your email in the subscribers list so that it goes directly to your inbox every friday, or click below on the issue you want to read from the latest ones we published. Inside each of them you can click on the links for each news and share it with whoever you think might be cool to share your freshly brewed Filtered Coffee - can you smell it?

To transform food systems, information is critical.
During a coffee break, you catch up on what is going on.

Subscribe to the Café Coado newsletter and get weekly news on our food systems on email.

Gotejador de café

all week we filter the news for you to enjoy during your coffee break to learn about food systems - all fresh, for you.

As edições #63 em diante estão sendo enviadas e publicadas no substack.

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